Goldfish Guitars in our 13th year!
Brought to you by our CEO, Timothy Harrington

Goldfish Guitars LLC

Goldfish Guitars incorporated in December of 2002. Since then we had strived to bring fun quality fish themed music instruments to the markets of the world. Believe me, this has not been an easy task. Goldfish Guitars strives to have 100 percent customer satisfaction, but we have learned that about 1 periocent of the population makes this very hard. We make quality instruments for kids and big kids. We offer short scaled instruments that can be used as travel guitars, for kids and for people with smaller hands. Kids really love our products because of our fish themes. Please look at our Clownuku and Tanryguku ukulele for kids! Music Education is very important to our company. When kids play a basic ukulele the benefits are fantastic. First the child learns the power of practice. Second the child learns that he or she makes mistakes and can be corrected with practice. Thirdly, the child will benefit from the social and spiritual benefits of playing an instrument. The benefits of music making just go on and on and on and on.....

Timothy Harrington
CEO Goldfish Guitars